Texas Island Country

Billy Snipes

Hello my name is Billy Snipes and I am a recording artist, songwriter, guitar player and an all around entertainer. I've been at it for most of my childhood and all of my adult life. Weather it was back in the Seventies playing Jackson Browne, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, and America covers in local restaurants and bars in Corpus Christi, Texas with my acoustic guitar or in the Eighties playing playing everything from Hawaiian Kalapana to The Cars to ZZ top on my old Fender Stratocaster (nicknamed Ruby) on the Island of Oahu. Then it was in the nineties playing everything from oldies to Top Forty Country to Blues in the San Antonio New Braunfels, Texas area.
Today I'm all those blended into an upbeat positive live acoustic performance, with an Island flavor.
    I love the ocean. I ride the waves in the ocean, and my heart resides on the coastlines and islands of our planet.
 A bio is a detailed description or account of a person's music business life. As I introduce you to my music life I am introducing you to my sole purpose in life, and that is to serve as an entertainer bringing you joy!!
   It is very important for you to know that my music life is not about me. It is about the relationships in the past present, and future. It is about what I give you, and that you are left HAPPY!!!!!